Summer Reads

While One Book One Bronx is on summer hiatus, this is the time to go twice as hard –reading and sun go hand in hand. Here are four books by four authors previously featured in our sister publication, Mosaic, that will keep you sharp until we return.

Tayari Jones
Mosaic, Fall 2007
“I must say that I don’t get terribly ruffled about labels.  There are a lot of writers—usually those from marginalized groups who say that they don’t want to be a “black,” “gay,” “southern,” or (fill in the blank) writer. They say they just want to be writers.  I actually find power in the labels. I like being linked to a tradition.  I think the real issue is how labels are used.  When acknowledging that a writer is, say, a “black” writer means that this person will be denied publishing, marketing, distribution opportunities, then that is the crime.  The sin is not being a “black” writer or being acknowledged as such.” Click here to purchase Tayari’s current bestseller An American Marriage

Kalisha Buckhanon
Mosaic, Fall 2008
“During the rare occasions when the atmosphere is just right in a classroom, teaching imagination is the way I like to play. It’s nice to get back to the basics of storytelling the way children make you do. “The dog is…the man looks…” I can’t walk into a room full of kids and not be reminded of the elegant simplicity of poetics. Unfortunately, it’s hard to teach writing and language arts in schools because both activities involve the intellect and fairly invisible mental processes.” Click here to purchase Kalisha’s latest book Speaking of Summer

Nicole Dennis-Benn
Mosaic, Summer 2016
“Yes, it’s intentional. Again, I’ll refer to James Baldwin who says the role of an artist is to illuminate the darkness—as difficult as it may be—in order to create a better world. The healing comes with the dialogue the work incites—the changed attitudes toward a certain group when they are humanized on the page; the efforts to do something about certain issues. That’s the power in writing about the difficult things. Our silences won’t protect us, nor will it change the world.” Click here to purchase Nicole’s current bestseller Patsy

Mitchell S. Jackson
Mosaic, Spring 2019
“I also want to push past the language of common discourse—mass incarceration, the prison industrial complex, the school-to-prison pipeline—and into language and stories that don’t let us obfuscate the harms. I can’t see mass incarceration but I can see my homeboy who came home from 17 years for a murder or my cousins who’ve done years and years in state facilities. I can’t see the prison industrial complex, but I can describe for you what it felt like to walk through my old prison with a film crew behind me and later to chat with a superintendent that was a guard during my time there.” Click here to purchase Mitchell’s new book Survival Math: Notes on an All-American Family

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